Residential Painting

While you may see your home as one whole item, when it comes to painting, there are many separate items to be considered. If it was all painted one color, your home would look very dull. It’s a good idea to have a house color and an accent color or two to make it stand out. Here are a few elements to consider:

  • Siding: Should be your main color focal point.
  • Window & Door Trim: Neutral accent colors work best here.
  • Front Door: Make your front door pop with color.
  • Railings & Spindles: Another area you can play with an accent color or neutral.

Our company Global GROUP, our company is concerned with the smallest details to make the exterior of your home more beautiful

Before and After

Your project will only benefit from our years of painting experience and exterior finishing expertise. In addition to our on-site supervision and “hands-on” leadership of the project, our dedicated and detail oriented journeyman painters will be working tirelessly to make sure we’ve left nothing but a flawless finish on the exterior of your home.

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Painting Interior

Interior House Painting Services from lightening up a living room to a complete color overhaul, the impact a fresh coat of paint can have on your home is huge! Taking weeks to try and do it all on your own can also have a huge impact—just not in a good way.

GLOBAL GROUP COMPANY has made the process of getting your house painted a whole lot less annoying. We deliver both speed and quality, so you don’t have to shift your whole life around just to get your house painted. We paint the following interior spaces:

  • Kitchens;
  • Living Rooms;
  • Dining Rooms;
  • Bedrooms;
  • Bathrooms;
  • Hallways;
  • Home Offices;
  • Nurseries;
  • Foyers;
  • Basements;
  • Doors, and Windows.

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Painting Commercial

Our commercial Exterior Painting  services include:

  • Office Complexes
  • Retail Spaces
  • Government Facilities
  • Healthcare Institutions
  • Restaurants
  • Schools

From retail space construction, to annual building maintenance, Global Group has the correct painting solution for your commercial project.

Commercial painting: Keeping commercial spaces looking great and feeling welcoming is a prime concern of businesses everywhere—let us help by freshening up the appeal of your walls. We’re highly adept at tackling commercial spaces of all sizes and will consult thoroughly with you before we even get started to make sure that your vision is brought to life through our work.

Whether you need painting services for a single unit tilt-up, or a large commercial complex, Global Group will fulfill the project requirements within your budget. In a commercial environment, we are dedicated to serving our customers, and seeing to it that their customers are not disturbed in the process.

We are commercial trade contractors that are truly sensitive to unique and challenging environments. We understand that there are often time constraints, time restrictions, restricted access, air quality, tenant, staging, and many other types of issues that make a project almost impossible to pull off. We thrive on these challenges.