Pressure Clean

A cedar shake roof is a beautiful thing when it’s clean, boasting a natural golden color. Many people make the mistake of assuming that a dirty cedar roof needs to be replaced. Usually a cedar roof just needs a good cleaning. Cedar shake shingles last a long time if maintained! Unless your cedar shakes are rotten or cracked they can be saved.

Is your cedar roof covered in moss, lichen or algae? If so, it cannot dry properly. Cedar roofs need to be able to dry or else they will begin to rot. Let us soft wash your cedar roof today and remove the ugly green and black contaminants.

When considering a Global Groups cedar roof cleaning service it is important to understand the methods that cedar roof cleaning companies use, such as power washing and soft washing. Understanding the methods will help you make a wise decision and avoid roof damage. A power washer in the hands of an unskilled worker can destroy cedar shingles. Temporary short lived results can be had using a pressure washer however but we believe the risks of falling on the slippery cedar and splitting the cedar shakes far outweighs the short lived clean. The other downfall with simply using water is it does not kill the organism living on the roof. Instead, power washing just blows them around allowing them to return quickly. Instead it is suggested that, “all living things like moss, lichen and algae living on a cedar roof should be killed with the soft washing process.” The soft wash process will prevent a quick return of the moss, algae and lichen. With soft washing it is also not necessary to be up on the roof.

Removal Popcorn

GLOBAL GROUPS COMPANY  popcorn ceiling removal is top notch. Our careful, cleanly process includes masking the floors, removing the popcorn, and applying new texture of your choice. We Then clean up and Paint the ceilings. This is a great update to an older home making the ceilings look like they are that of a new house .Global Groups  has a lot of experience with Texture Work, as well as years of experience in our popcorn removal technique and process. We guarantee your satisfaction!